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Mary Ellen Lynch Consulting partners with schools, businesses, and organizations to help integrate global citizenship education into classrooms, communities, and workplace culture by providing a range of programs and services.


“When I worked in higher ed, I hired Mary Ellen to facilitate workshops for students who were preparing for semester-long service-learning experiences with immigrants and refugees. Not only does Mary Ellen facilitate engaging workshops, but she uses stories and experiences to bring the content to life in a way that builds capacity, empathy, and curiosity.”
– Meg Griffiths; Associate, Essential Partners

Workshop Design and Facilitation

Mary Ellen Lynch Consulting partners with schools, businesses, and organizations to integrate global citizenship education into classrooms, communities, and workplace culture. Mary Ellen happily customizes workshops that cover topics specific to each client’s needs and will facilitate workshops that may be delivered to broad audiences.

Mary Ellen provides tools and resources to help schools, businesses, and organizations integrate concepts of global citizenship into their curricula, projects, and workplace cultures.

Mary Ellen also draws on her professional experience working with diverse populations and delivering cross-cultural competency workshops to provide tools for effective intercultural communication. Mary Ellen also offers opportunities for participants to engage in cross-cultural learning with immigrant and refugee populations.

Mary Ellen utilizes her background and current experience as Adjunct Professor of Public Speaking to help others develop effective communication skills in personal and professional settings. Mary Ellen teaches public speaking through the lens of global citizenship, empowering people to share their ideas and values to improve their communities and to spread their vision of a better world.

Mary Ellen is happy to work with you to design and facilitate workshops that meet your needs. Workshops can be customized to cover topic areas requested by partners and can be delivered to a wide range of audiences.


Mary Ellen Lynch Consulting provides schools with tools and resources to incorporate a global citizenship framework into a curriculum and to help students develop key global competencies that include the following skills:

  • Intercultural fluency
  • Effective communication of ideas
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Empathy
  • Informed action through collaboration with local organizations and global communities


Mary Ellen Lynch Consulting partners with international organizations to help schools, businesses, and organizations build capacity for global partnerships by connecting with the international community through collaborative projects. This approach helps to build a more sustainable world based on personal connections that inspire empathy and create richer, more fully engaged and compassionate communities.

“In my first meeting with Mary Ellen, I was fascinated by her kind and attentive nature. During our sessions, she was totally focused on my reflections of how I presented in recent interviews. Mary Ellen provided tools and resources that helped me to improve my presentation skills and build my confidence during interviews. As a result of Mary Ellen’s coaching, I became faster, smarter, and self-assured when responding to interview questions. I could not recommend the services of Mary Ellen Lynch Consulting more.”
– Julia W.
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