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Mary Ellen Lynch,  M.Ed.

While I was in graduate school earning my Master’s in International Educational Development, I traveled to Costa Rica to conduct research for my thesis and to assist with enhancing access to education in rural communities. My fieldwork, and my interactions with the local population, exposed me to global challenges that compelled me to embark on a career of education and community engagement.

Throughout my stay in Costa Rica, I became captivated by the local phrase, “Pura Vida.” While it is used to say hello and goodbye, the locals also use it to signify a way-of-life: to convey feelings of peace, happiness, gratitude, and positivity. The expression resonated with me then and has inspired me ever since. To this day, “Pura Vida” drives my work and my relationships, because I believe that when we embrace a more peaceful, grateful, positive, and connected way of life, we will create a more meaningful and empathetic world.

In my role as CEO and Founder of Mary Ellen Lynch Consulting, I draw on the Pura Vida mantra, and on my experiences as a teacher, to empower others to embrace global citizenship values and to create a more connected, sustainable world. My classroom serves as a platform for students to understand, through conceptual and firsthand, personal accounts, others’ lives so they may live as engaged citizens. Outside the classroom, I consult with schools, businesses, and organizations to integrate an array of fundamental global citizenship concepts, including cross-cultural competency, empathy, and collaborative action. Through workshops and engagement initiatives, we enrich curricula, communities, and workplace cultures so that participants may develop a more meaningful understanding of global citizenship. In doing so, we all learn to translate ideas into action and to address challenges around the world.

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