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My mission is to inspire compassion, change, and sustainability by helping individuals and communities integrate the essence of global citizenship into schools, businesses and organizations.

“Mary Ellen is the living embodiment of what our world needs. She has limitless energy, innumerable connections, a consistently positive outlook, inherent compassion for underserved communities, and an unwavering desire to multiply our capacity to empathize by listening to others’ stories. One cannot help but be pulled into her mission of global understanding and connectedness.”
– Martha T. Cummings, Executive Director, Universal Promise


My mission is to serve as a vehicle for change by fostering global citizenship. I help schools, businesses, and organizations learn to integrate key components of global citizenship by providing participants with tools to enhance intercultural communication, build empathy, and spark collaborative action. My vision is to stimulate change that will lead to a more sustainable world rooted in personal connections that inspire empathy, creating more fully engaged and compassionate communities.

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